Connecting to the other side

            Oftentimes people think of their loved ones that have passed on and wonder how they’re doing. Visiting Kenosee Lake last week was Psychic Medium – Jodie Rollins – who was helping people answer these questions.

            As a young child, Rollins, had the ability to speak with people who had passed on. She was also able to speak with her guides – her guardian angels – which has led her down this path.

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            “I kept hearing my guardian angels telling me I should do this for a living and I kept saying, ‘No,’” Rollins explains of what led her here. “I had lined up a show in Ireland and was asked to do readings too; I ended up loving it. While I was in Ireland I received a call from a lady to clear Blarney Castle, the new one that’s 450 years old. So, it kind of created itself; Ireland was helpful because no one knew me. I could see how people enjoyed it and how it brought them closure.”

            Rollins has found that many people are interested in her work and that was reflected during her Night of Spirit on Friday, Sept. 29, with her audience ranging in age and genders.

            Using her gift, Rollins spoke to people that had passed on as well as to individual’s “team” – their guardian angels.

            “It’s like somebody just comes in and I can chat with them,” Rollins explained. “And it’s a service to them, so I do focus on them when they arrive. It’s important work because they lower their vibrations in order to come through, so I represent them the best that I can to get what they want to say through to their person.”

            “I’ve been sharpening that muscle and since I’ve heightened my psychic ability throughout my life I’m now able to distinguish between Jodie thinking and information coming in.”

            In addition to her psychic abilities, Rollins also reads energies; throughout the Night of Spirit, she spoke with many people who have crossed over and brought messages to loved ones through her, while she also interpreted information from individual’s “teams” and read energies to answer specific questions people had.

            “They’re your guardian angels, I call them your ‘team,’ but more accurately they’re your guides and angels. You pick these guys before you even enter this world. Many people think that grandma must be their guardian angel, and although she might be watching over you, she’s also watching over her other loved ones. Your team is your team and they’re specifically at your service.”

            The Night of Spirits was hosted in the Moosehead Inn, a haunted building at Kenosee.

            “It feels charged to me and it’s interesting how many people are drawn here,” Rollins added. “We went on a tour of the building earlier in the day and I literally walked into a couple of rooms and it was like walking into a wall. Even people that aren’t as in tune to their psychic abilities would feel something in them.”

            Rollins was pleased with the turn out at the Night of Spirit and was happy to be able to help people speak with their loved ones – to know they’re happy.

            In addition to the Night of Spirit, Rollins and Julie Veresh (an Intuitive Energy Coach/Body Talk Practitioner – who works out of Lotus Tree in Carlyle and monthly sessions at Kenosee Lake), held an “Ignite Your Intuition Workshop” which focused on developing one’s psychic muscles.

            “Part of the intuition workshop is focused on how to work with your team and receive messages from them,” Rollins explained. “So, we learn how to focus our thinking.”

            “We’ve had a great response here; there’s a great energy,” Rollins stated. “Everyone has been really open and we’ve had a huge response for a small area, which is wonderful.”

            “It’s been fun and it’s been great to meet such incredible individuals, it’s an honour to be able to work for them.”

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