150 quilted masterpieces to celebrate 150 years

There was a lavish display of colorful artistry on display at Kipling United Church on Canada Day. When the call came out for people to bring in quilts and other quilted items for a Canada Day Quilt Show...the response was overwhelming. Along with a number of “Heirloom Quilts” and “Canada 150 Quilts” there were a wide variety of pieces ranging from elaborate creations that testified to the quilter's impressive skills to simple and quite lovely hand-stitched family treasures.

Organizers were thrilled by the number and variety of pieces that were brought in to put on display. As Sharon Baker observed,

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“When we started out...I knew that we'd have a few quilts brought in. But, I sure never expected anything like this. A few people have told us that we should do this again! We have over 100 full quilts. And with the other quilted pieces that we have on display...we have '150 items for 150 years!”

Those attending the show were impressed by the obvious skill and dedication to their craft that was on display at the show. As Marilyn Bossert said,

“These quilts are just beautiful. And when you think about the hours of work that went into creating them...it's really amazing.”

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