A Night At The Movies...was an afternoon of fun

     They are songs that bring to mind some of your favorite movies...melodies that will have you humming along before you realize you're doing it. But, for a fortunate group of people...the music most closely identified with 'movie magic'...will henceforth be associated with magic of a very different sort.
     On Sunday, Feb. 26th the Kennedy Skating Club invited family, friends and neighbors to celebrate 'A Night At The Movies' with their annual skating carnival. 
     The show began with the youngest performers skating to 'You Gotta Friend In Me' from the movie 'Toy Story'. These young performers have been busy all season mastering the basics of skating...and you will not soon see a more determined performance then the one offered up by Josie Hanson, Owen Hewson, Tucker Berglund and Kaylem Lowe.
     A group of lovely young 'fighters' sporting glittering pink costumes (and a few quite realistic looking 'black eyes') skated to 'Eye of the Tiger', a tune familiar to fans of the 'Rocky' movies. The time and effort that Sybil Brickley, Haley Debenham, Abilene Hanson, Kinley Pratt and Emily Antonenko put into preparing for their routine was very evident, as they treated their audience to an energetic and  entertaining routine.
Morgan Debenham and Macey Hall also had the crowd applauding with their interpretation of 'Hard Knock Life' from the movie 'Annie'. It was hard to tell who was having more fun during this lively performance...the audience...or the skaters on the ice.
     No tribute to movies would be complete these days without a 'Minion' or two (those adorable characters featured in the movie 'Despicable Me'). A playful performance by Piper Bourhis, Ty Ede and Cadence Pratt left everyone feeling 'Happy'.
     The crowd was also invited to take a walk down the yellow brick road, as Mia Wyporowich, Ashlyn Dovell and Kaitlyn Cameron skated to music from the movie Wizard of Oz. The girls carried their audience away as they skated to the music from that timeless classic.
     Evening also featured both solo and group routines by the Junior Star Skaters (Sydney Dorrance, Clara Houff, Ana Kuhn, Jordan Dorrance and Julia Houff) and Senior Star Skaters (Kayla Munro, Niaa Kuhn and Nolan Cameron). Each one of these talented skaters demonstrated a level of skill and creativity on the ice that testified to both their dedication...and many hours of hard work.
     Coach Jenna Toms took to the ice with Nolan Cameron to perform a dance and a skate-off much to the delight of Jenna's young students. There was also a 'special guest' performance featuring some...strangely familiar gentlemen...clad in trench-coats, sunglasses and hats. The evening ended with the Grand Finale, as all of the performers returned to the ice to receive special presentations and one final round of applause.
     This was fitting...as each member of the Kennedy Skating Club had every right to step forward and take a final bow. 
     'A Night At the Movies' had all of the earmarks...of a 'classic'.
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