Three generations represented in Kipling's newest business

     People looking to either buy or sell a home in Southeast Saskatchewan have a brand new option available to them. Charlotte Beaujot and her daughter Jade Moore are co-owners of Eve Realty Inc....a new Realty company located in Kipling.
     Charlotte explains that Eve Realty is named in honor of her mother Evelyn. She notes that the 'company vision' that is the foundation for the new company is built on the values that her mother passed on to her daughter and granddaughter.
     "Mom has strong morals and values, abundant energy and a positive outlook on life. She loves to help people and has a positive impact on everyone that she meets. We wanted these wonderful qualities to be reflected in Eve Realty. Our Company Vision is 'Helping people to be successful'."
     Being one's own boss can be a challenge at times. As Charlotte admits: "When you are your own boss...the 'buck always stops' with you! You have control of the business. But you are also responsible for any success...or challenge...that might come up."
     However, Charlotte points out that she has always been drawn to entrepreneurship.
     "I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have always loved business. My late husband and I owned a butcher shop on our farm for eleven years, until he passed away in 2012. His passing prompted me to find a new career, and so I chose Real Estate. I became licensed in Residential, Commercial and Farm Real Estate in March of 2013. I have been a Realtor in Kipling ever since."
      Like her mother, Jade has a desire to be an entrepreneur. 
     "As soon as I finished High School, I studied Massage Therapy at a Regina College, and became a registered Massage Therapist. I then opened my own business in 2013, and ran it for about two years. During that time, I studied Real Estate. I became a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in March of 2014."
     Along with her knowledge of Real Estate, Jade notes that she has also had an opportunity to gain experience with the financial considerations involved in buying or selling a home...and insights into the various factors impacting the local community.
     "In 2015, an opportunity came up for me to work at a bank in Carlyle. I worked as a Banking Adviser, which involved me working with and giving advice for loans, investment, and (of course) mortgages. Being a banker has really helped me to understand the local economy, and the buyer's perspective when it comes to getting a mortgage and purchasing a home."
     Charlotte points out that part of the reason why the she and Jade decided to launch Eve Realty, was to provide an opportunity for other Realtors to be successful. 
     "When Jade and I decided to start this company, I went on to get my Broker license. I wanted to become a Broker of my own Brokerage because I love helping people and I really want to be able to help other Realtors become successful as well. When people become Realtors, they often don't have a lot of support. We want to provide Realtors with some training. A successful Realtor will bring their clients success as well."
     She adds that there are many ways that both clients and the community in general will benefit from Eve Realty.
     "As a small, locally owned company, we know that our success depends on our clients having a positive and successful experience working with us. We have the kind of local knowledge and insights that will give us an edge in valuing and marketing a home. As well, a company like ours will help the local economy. Money will stay in the community, instead of flowing back to a 'Head Office' that is in another community miles away."
     The new sign that announces the arrival of Eve Realty in Kipling is dominated by the company's logo...which shows two stars rising above a cluster of buildings. Charlotte notes is a visual representation of the new company's mission.
     "Karlee Weisgerber (a local artist) and Brittany Walker (Fusion Decals, Kipling) helped us to design our new logo. The two stars represent mother/daughter ownership. The three different buildings represent the three different Real Estate Licenses that we have: Residential, Commercial and Farm. Our company's 'Mission Statement' is: People Over Property. For us, our clients are the most important factor in every transaction. We want to use our training and experience in each of these areas to help our clients."
     Ultimately, both mother and daughter say that their hopes for their new company are grounded in the lessons that they learned from their mother/grandmother...Evelyn.
     "In Hebrew, the word 'Eve' means 'life' or 'to live'," Charlotte observes. "For us, 'life' represents the people and 'to live' represents the property. Mom taught us to celebrate life daily. And that is what Eve Realty is about...celebrating life and embracing life's changes."
     Jade agrees with her mother, adding: "Buying a home is such an exciting milestone in someone's life. I love being able to take part in that excitement, and help people take that massive step in their lives."  
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