Dedication breeds success

There are a lot of different kinds of souvenirs that one can bring home from the Western Canadian Agribition.

The one that Dave and Terri Rajotte brought home this a dandy.

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The Peebles area couple received the Saskatchewan Angus Commercial Breeder of the Year by the Saskatchewan Angus Association. The award was presented at the Canadian Western Agribition held in Regina in November.

Dave says that the decision to become involved in the cattle industry came about after the Rajottes moved back to Saskatchewan.

“We were living in Alberta...raising sheep primarily...along with a few cattle. We moved to Saskatchewan in 2003 and began farming with my father-in-law. He had about 170 head of mixed breed cattle at the time. Now, we've got about 900 head...all Angus...bred to Angus bulls.”

Despite the challenges that the cattle industry has experienced recently, Dave remains positive.

“I'm cautiously optimistic. We have seen a huge retraction in calf prices over the past year. But we are still miles ahead from where we were at in 2008. What we have today is perhaps a more realistic price. The prices last year were so high. When it dropped, people lost a lot of money. It's not good for an industry to have that happen. Maybe these prices are more realistic and sustainable. We have seen a strengthening lately. And, cow/calf operations are still profitable.”

Dave notes that he and Terri are pleased to receive the award...and appreciative of the attention that it brings to their operation.

“We're very honored to be given this recognition of our work. And, we're pleased to see the interest that it's prompted. I've already been contacted by people interested in our program.”

The cattle industry doesn't offer a lot of guarantees. And awards like thisonly appear after you've invested all your effort and your resources. Dave says...

“The beef industry is an exciting place to be.”

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