Western Ho Ho Ho Down in Corning

It's Christmas in Corning.

The Corning Community Players held their 3rd annual old-fashioned Christmas Concert on Thursday, Dec. 22.

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People of all ages in the community were eager to participate in this year's production.

First up was Wyatt Balogh playing “Jingle Bells” on saxaphone with accompaniment by Jackie Englot on the organ.

Shayda King also performed “Jingle Bells” and “Drunken Sailor” on violin with the help of Shoni King on guitar.

Kassidy Lowenberger on guitar sang the song “Jingle Bells”.

Zane King performed two selections on fiddle “Angels We Have Heard On High” and “Barlow Knife Medley”.

The trio of Halle Balon, Keaton Balogh and Tytan Romanow sang “Peace Like A River” with actions included!

The crowd was entertained by the commentators Lyle McCarthy and Wanda Reid throughout the night with knock-knock jokes and other Christmas trivia along with introducing each performer.

And then the Corning Crooners sang a variety of songs which were absolutely entertaining. This group consists of John King, Gwen McKay, Monica Dayman, Lyle McCarthy, Diane Moss and Robyn Roy-Hampton.

Shoni King performed two songs on fiddle “Jingle Bell Rock” and “The Holly Bush”.

The crowd was entertained with a skit by special guests from Santa's workshop. Sort of volunteering were good sports Amanda Reid, Marianne Allan and Jaime Balon to help out with this next production. Santa's elves Ian Box, John King and Clayton Romanow have a toast and sing while preparing for Christmas. This skit gave the crowd quite a good laugh.

Following a short intermission the kids (35 or so) ranging in age from preschool to high school delighted the audience with a one-act play “A Western Ho Ho Ho Down”.

“This play happened to be one that was done long, long ago in Corning,” says Robyn Roy-Hampton and adds “so some of the parents of the kids taking part tonight actually performed this play when they were young students attending Corning School.”

The actors were all dressed in western attire including cowboy hats, belt buckles and glittering jeans right down to the cowboy boots. Characters included Sheriff Glitter and Miss Dolly, town folk and bandits.

A bulletin came in “Santa just left Windthorst but he headed north!”

“What no Santa?....No presents.”

The bandits leave to find Santa with their trusty bright flashlights. Bells were ringing from the back of the hall. It was a heck of snowfall but with the help of Santa's reindeer (preschool kids in the crowd) they found Corning.

Santa Claus made it to Corning. After the concert, those attending enjoyed socializing and a potluck lunch and a visit from “Santa” that rounded out the evening perfectly.

“The kids were a great group to work with,” says Robyn. “I gave them their lines, we rehearsed once and we had one dress rehearsal and that was it.”

All the folks at Corning had a Merry Christmas and the best Ho Ho Ho Down ever!

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